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Title: Mail Is Here
Author: Meggars
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Summary: A certain letter plays a pivotal role for Marion.
Author's Note: Do not read if you haven't seen LJ and TKOTCS. This will spoil you to some great moments.

Mail Is Here

Marion Williams looked down and reread the letter from Indiana Jones. No tears stained the pages. Her face was dry. He had run away. It was just that she thought the pain would be gone by now.

Setting the pages aside, Marion watched her little son, Henry, play on the blanket set up beside her. She patted him on the back. He burped.

“Yeah, who needs him?” She said wrily.

She heard the noise of a footfall behind her. “Colin, you can come in.”

In his very proper British tone, her husband replied, “I didn’t want to trouble you.”

Putting the letter back in her pocket, Marion twisted around to face him. “You never trouble me.”

“I was afraid of that.”

Marion was unsure how to proceed in this conversation. She could leap into danger and drink any man under the table, but with Colin, it was sadly different. Still, she didn’t cry.

Colin cleared his throat and reached for his smokes.

“You should cut back on the cigarettes.”

“Isn’t that what wives are supposed to say?”

A laugh came unbidden from Marion. “I don’t know. I’m making it up as I go.”

When those words sunk in, Colin and Marion stopped smiling.

“I didn’t-”

“Certainly, I’m aware that you didn’t mean...” He ran out of steam and feel silent.

The silence was broken as the baby started to cry. Marion turned her back on her husband and picked up her son. As she soothed him, she had time to think. There was no running awy from this situation, but then, she had never been that kind, not like Jones.

“Dear?” His voice was quiet and hesitant.


“I know about the letter from Henry.”

“It’s nothing,” she replied automatically.

Colin seemed to be trying to choose his words carefully. “Yes, well, that’s good to hear, but-”

She interrupted him brusquely. “I’m not going to him. I’m not going anywhere. I have a son now. I have you.”

There was silence before the Brit spoke again. “That may be true, Marion, but I don’t have you.”

There was a bitter truth for their struggling almost family to face. Still, she did not cry.

Many years later...

Indiana Jones helped his new wife carry in another large box. “What’s in this one? More rocks?”

“That last one was rocks.” Marion had a wicked smile. “This is my collection of anvils.”

“Feels like it,” he muttered, trying to sound grumpy. In truth, other than the size, variety, and weight of the moving crates, he was very pleased.

Together they sat down their load. She teased him, “You can’t wait to get your hands on Abner’s old finds.”

“What’s yours is now mine, Mrs. Jones.” He had thoughts of what else he wanted to get his hands on, but that would have to wait. There were priceless treasures sitting out on the lawn.

Walking back to the pile, Indy picked up the lightest item he could find and walked it back to the house. Turning the box over in his hands, he spotted several notations written to the effect that this was never to be opened except by Marion. He rubbed his chin and checked out the door. His old love and new wife was swearing at a particularly troublesome crate.

He slit the wrapping and opened the box. Inside were letters. The one on the top looked to be the most read. The paper had been folded and refolded from the look of the seams and discolored with age and exposure to the elements. As he would any find, he opened the letter with great care and began to read. It was in many ways the most difficult words he had ever read, even more difficult than when he wrote them.

“I wondered how long it would take you to start digging in.” Her voice came from the front door. “What did you find?”

Silently, he let her see. He didn’t feel steady enough to speak.

“God damn it, Indy. You had to open that one. I have a great collection of Abner’s Old Kingdom-”

“You kept this?”

“I knew what I had even back then.”

Before she could say anymore, he grabbed her, pulled her to him, and kissed her with all he was worth. He couldn’t say all that he felt, so he showed her instead. Then, there were tears on his face, Marion’s tears.

The letter was now in his clenched fist; he threw it away. Wanting to get that as far away from her as possible. He kept on kissing her until he was sure that she knew how he felt. The crate moving and unpacking could wait. He had a wife to love.

The End

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