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"Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?"

Favorite episode is always a tough question, but how to begin to pick from the X-Files line up? Hell, I can't even pick a favorite season. Just to be totally crazy I will pick Bad Blood. Why? Because I watched it tonight. It really is one of my favorites.

Me and paranormal activity? That would be a no.

Me and fandom activity? That would be a resounding yes. X-Files is one of my favorite of all time fandoms. I met some great people and had awesome conversations. Squeeing has never been as fun as the run up to Fight The Future. JAG/XF-Shippers from the Message Boards (the old days) representing!

Other thoughts? If I could tell CC and company what X-Files mean to me, I would say that their exploration of darkness made mine a bit brighter.
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No Spoilers Included:

I have to say I loved X-Files: I Want to Believe. I know it is not doing well in the theaters, but you know I really enjoyed it. It had some great moments. Overall, I think it was stronger than Fight the Future. X-Philes--Go see it!
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X-Files: I Want to Believe is opening this weekend. I can't wait to see it. I know it will be trounced at the box office by TDK, but still I want to believe myself.


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