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I will not be shopping on Black Friday. I will be buried behind a pile of books, papers, and the computer. I have two major assignments due right after the holiday for grad school.

Please, let this be over.
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I would definitely travel to see them and rock out. Pretty much every group except Skillet I have had to travel to see.
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Not a fan of the Emmys this year. I had hopes for a better show, but I thought it sucked. I know what you are saying. "You expect a decent experience for a viewer of an award show telecast?" Well, no, but somehow the "color commentator" on actor's lives when they walked up to accept their awards is about the stupidest thing ever.
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I finished my final paper for the summer for my grad program.

*And the crowd goes wild*

Paper sucked, but who cares? It's done.

*Happy Dancing with the crowd*
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Nate/Sophie no question.
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*No spoilers here. There might be some in the comments section. *

It was a lot of interesting CGI, stunt work, and special effects in Transformers 2. Some of the bots were better than others. It was a popcorn flick. There is nothing wrong with that. I have loved some of the summer movies in the past. Something I couldn't get past in Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen was Megan Fox. I will admit she is very beautiful. No one doubts that. It's her acting that bothers me. I know she didn't get hired for her acting ability, but really, she is an actress, right? Blank looks and flat delivery don't really bring me into the story. Also I as a heterosexual female find that her buns, boobs, etc. don't do it for me. Overall, this 2nd film was what it was, a summer blockbuster. As for Megan Fox, I know she isn't Meryl Streep. Still, maybe if she focused on her acting a little more and lip gloss a little less, she might have something.
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Happy Easter to any and all who celebrate.

If you don't, then have a great day.
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It's so awesome that not only does my fandom share the love, so do my actors. Gotta love the reactions! (Especially Timothy H.)

Snagged from [ profile] celcool

Follow the link to see how the cast of Leverage got news about the renewal! They're all as happy as we are! :D
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Leverage Friending Meme

Copy, paste, answer. Find Leverage friends in the fandom.

LJ Name:
Updating Frequency of LJ:
Open of Friends Locked Journal:
Favorite Characters in Leverage:
Ships in Leverage (if any):
Other Fandoms:
Anything else:
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
carolelombard goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Carole Lombard.
alexia88 gives you 7 brown raspberry-flavoured wafers.
amberleigh gives you 13 teal peach-flavoured wafers.
ancarett gives you 6 brown orange-flavoured gummy bats.
ashlified gives you 2 red-orange coconut-flavoured gummy worms.
chazzbanner tricks you! You lose 13 pieces of candy!
fugacious_love tricks you! You get a clothespin.
ihrayne gives you 1 pink spearmint-flavoured pieces of taffy.
kmousie gives you 14 mottled green evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
milesadrift gives you 9 teal raspberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
ophelias_flower tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
carolelombard ends up with 39 pieces of candy, a clothespin, and a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Dewey Meme

Sep. 24th, 2008 06:14 pm
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Meggars's Dewey Decimal Section:

010 Bibliography

000 Computer Science, Information & General Works

Encyclopedias, magazines, journals and books with quotations.

What it says about you:
You are very informative and up to date. You're working on living in the here and now, not the past. You go through a lot of changes. When you make a decision you can be very sure of yourself, maybe even stubborn, but your friends appreciate your honesty and resolve.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

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"Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?"

Favorite episode is always a tough question, but how to begin to pick from the X-Files line up? Hell, I can't even pick a favorite season. Just to be totally crazy I will pick Bad Blood. Why? Because I watched it tonight. It really is one of my favorites.

Me and paranormal activity? That would be a no.

Me and fandom activity? That would be a resounding yes. X-Files is one of my favorite of all time fandoms. I met some great people and had awesome conversations. Squeeing has never been as fun as the run up to Fight The Future. JAG/XF-Shippers from the Message Boards (the old days) representing!

Other thoughts? If I could tell CC and company what X-Files mean to me, I would say that their exploration of darkness made mine a bit brighter.
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No Spoilers Included:

I have to say I loved X-Files: I Want to Believe. I know it is not doing well in the theaters, but you know I really enjoyed it. It had some great moments. Overall, I think it was stronger than Fight the Future. X-Philes--Go see it!
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X-Files: I Want to Believe is opening this weekend. I can't wait to see it. I know it will be trounced at the box office by TDK, but still I want to believe myself.
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Since I got such a huge response for my Debra Winger post (umm, no one), I decided to post a vid from You Tube about Karen Allen.

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I read Undiscovered by Debra Winger this weekend and was completely blown away by her writing. The book was not at all what I expected. It was simply amazing. So now I am in love in a very platonic girl way.

For eagle-eyed F-List peeps, you might notice that this is not the first time Debra Winger has been mentioned here. She read at a poetry reading I went to (not her work) several years ago. I was impressed by her then. Now, i am completely in awe.

If you want to see a fairly recent picture, check out my icon. The guy is her husband, Arliss Howard.

I linked to my fave interview with her on You Tube. Far superior interview to The View clip floating around (Then again, most things are superior to The View.)

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Title: The Right Time and Place
Author: Meggars
Rating: PG
Pairing: Indy and Marion
Spoilers: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Summary: Nighttime Post-Crystal Skull

Right Time is right here. )
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Title: Mail Is Here
Author: Meggars
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Summary: A certain letter plays a pivotal role for Marion.
Author's Note: Do not read if you haven't seen LJ and TKOTCS. This will spoil you to some great moments.

Mail Is Here )
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